What are the different types of veneers?

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There are so many types of veneers out there, and if you have never looked into them before then you may wonder if some are more expensive than others, or if some are even suitable for your teeth. If you want to find out more about that, then simply take a look below.

5 Different types of veneers;

#1 Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are a cheap veneer that can usually be applied in just one visit. They can be made out of resin or plastic, and they can be repaired if they are broken as well. The dental process involves thin layers of composite together, which are then moulded to fit your tooth shape and length. When each layer has been hardened with the curing light, the composite will then be polished. The issue with this is that the veneers can be stained or chipped, easily. Composite veneers are ideal for those who want affordable veneers which are quick and easy, but they’re not good for those who don’t want to have to visit the dentist office time and time again.

#2 Palatal Veneers

These types of veneer are very different because the focus is on the inside surface of your teeth. Instead of the veneers being placed on the front of your teeth, they are applied to the back. You may be wondering why this is the case, but it’s all because the palatal surface drastically improves your teeth by straightening them from behind instead of coating the front-facing surface. They are quite often made from gold, but they are also available in porcelain or even composite. The veneers protect the back from sensitivity, erosion or anything else of the sort.

#3 Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are made out of very high-quality ceramic. These veneers are old favourites, and they have in fact been around for decades. These veneers are ideal if you have stained teeth, but you do not take well to bleaching products. The entire process will involve thin pieces of porcelain being placed on the surface of your tooth so that the natural look can be reinstated. The procedure will give strength to your teeth and it will mirror your tooth enamel. Procedures such as this tend to last up to 20 years, and they are incredibly strong. Most likely, you’ll not have to return to the dentist, and they aren’t prone to staining. One downside however is that they are not reversible.

#4 Temporary Veneers

Temporary veneers are one of the best options you will find online.

For those who want to improve their smiles without the expense and time associated with standard cosmetic dentistry techniques, Instasmile dental veneers are the ultimate cost-effective and convenient press on veneers solution. Our snap-on veneers will give you the smile you were born with and allow you to show it off without breaking the budget.

#5 Lumineers

One of the strongest veneers are Lumineers, which are also the thinnest and need the least amount of tooth preparation. The appliance can last as long as porcelain veneers because it is comprised of extremely thin porcelain laminate material.

Despite the fact that the lumineers are not thick enough, once they have been adhered to the surface of the teeth, their surfaces are smooth and may feel natural.

What are Veneers?

One of the most effective treatments out there in the world of cosmetic dentistry is the application of veneers. Veneers are thin shells, or coatings which are shaped to look exactly like the natural surface of your tooth. They are applied to any teeth that are misshapen, discoloured, chipped or crooked. This is otherwise known as bonding, and it is a fantastic way for you to improve your smile. You can find out more about veneers here.

The Discomfort and Inconvenience of Traditional Veneers

Traditional veneers tend to be uncomfortable at times because you need so many dental visits in order to get them fitted. You may even find that the dentist needs to drill away at the tooth in order to get the veneer to fit. Most of the time this will be done under anaesthetic if damage has been done to the tooth, but the whole process can be uncomfortable. On top of this, you have to think about all of the moulds you need to get done, the process of bonding them and getting the fit right. Even with all of this, it can still take some time for you to get used to the veneers you have.

The Alternative Solution - What are the benefits Instasmiles Clip On Veneers?

Instasmiles clip in veneers are the best option if you want a clip-on veneer that eliminates the cost, effort and hassle of getting a traditional veneer fitted. The benefits of having this type of veneer done can be found below;

  • Cost-Effective: Instasmiles veneers are very cost-effective. You will easily be paying under £1000 to have your veneers moulded to your exact mouth, not to mention that you will also be able to avoid visiting the dentist as well. You will be paying well under 4% of what traditional treatment could end up costing you, and you can get your entire smile whitened in no time at all. This is a very good way for you to feel way more confident about your smile and yourself in general.
  • Ideal for Those who Have a Dental Phobia: Clip on veneers are also ideal for those who have a phobia of the dentist. Why? Because you won’t have to visit a dentist at all to get the veneers fitted. You can do it all from the comfort of your own home and you can also rest assured knowing that the whole veneer is moulded and crafted to your exact jaw and teeth structure. There will be no drilling, anaesthetic, whitening products or sensitivity. Your smile will be transformed in seconds, without you having to undergo any kind of treatment.
  • You Won’t Need to Take Time off Work: Another benefit of clip on veneers is that you won’t have to take any time out of work. You can get the mould/impressions done in your spare time and when this has been done, you can then rest assured knowing that it’s going to be perfect when your veneers arrive. It’s as simple as that, so when you break it all down, you will soon find that it is far more cost-effective than you think.
  • Freeing Up Options Later in Life: When you have veneers fitted permanently, you won’t be able to change them later. Meaning, if you want to have them removed so your natural teeth are showing then this won’t be an option. If you get veneers from Instasmile however, you can take your veneers out at night, wear them every day, just wear them for special occasions or anything else. You are in complete control of your smile at all times. Your teeth won’t need filing down and you also won’t have to worry about any changes that you would like to make in the future.
  • An Instant Boost of Confidence: Another thing that you need to know about Instasmile is that you will get an instant boost of confidence when you have them fitted. When you get traditional veneers done, you will need to go to and from the dental office quite a few times, and even then, it’s possible that not all of your veneers will be fitted at once. With Instasmile, you will soon see that the difference is immediate and that you will be able to get the work you need done without any problems at all. The boost of confidence that you will get cannot be compared to anything else, and you’ll be able to smile, laugh and talk with a Hollywood smile.

Ready to take that next step? If so, then why not get in touch with us today. When you do, we can then work with you to make sure that you are completely comfortable with the process and that you are also happy with the end result.

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