The instasmile Shade Guide

Think about the perfect smile. Of course, it’s straight. It’s clean. It’s free of gaps, cracks and chips. But there’s something else about it.

An answer only you can give.

What shade is it? Is it natural and understated, or is it dazzlingly white?

With your instasmile, it’s your choice. You choose the shade, and we’ll make a custom set of clip-on veneers in that color.

BL1 - Hollywood White

This is our brightest shade. If you’re looking for that Hollywood smile and a glitzy, glamorous red carpet look, you’ll need the brightest, whitest shade we have. If you’re looking to dazzle with your smile then this is the color for you.

Perfect for:

Anyone looking for an unmissable, attention-grabbing Hollywood smile

A1 - Pure Natural White

Our A1 shade delivers the sort of crisp, white smile you’d expect to see after years of whitening toothpaste and a regular scale-and-polish. Not quite as dazzling as Hollywood white, but still certain to grab attention, this shade is the most naturally white a tooth can be.

Perfect for:

Anyone looking for a pristine, bright, yet still natural smile.

A2 - Light Ivory

This light ivory shade is the sort of shade you’d see on a happy, healthy, natural smile that hasn’t undergone any cosmetic whitening, but that - honestly - doesn’t need to.

Perfect for:

Anyone looking for clean, healthy and totally natural smile.

A3 - Medium Ivory

Maybe your perfect smile doesn’t need to be dazzling. Maybe you want a subtle, healthy tone that looks 100% natural. If you want a natural smile - and you’re in good company if you do - then our medium ivory shade might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Perfect for:

Anyone looking for an understated, subtle and naturally healthy smile.