Imperfect amelogenesis: How to make your smile better

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Affordable Solution for Amelogenesis Imperfect

Amelogenesis imperfecta, or amelogenesis, is a condition that’s present from birth and affects the structure, appearance and health of the teeth. The disorder can mean teeth are unusually small, but it’s the effect on the enamel that is most noticeable due to the lack of proteins present. Teeth are visibly affected as the condition results in pitted, grooved and discolored teeth which are prone to early tooth decay, tooth loss, and extreme wear / breakage.

Perhaps one of the biggest impacts amelogenesis has on a person is their confidence. The appearance of their smile can often leave people shying away from social occasions, covering their mouths when they laugh and generally keeping them from smiling to a minimum so as not to display their teeth.

How to treat amelogenesis imperfecta

  • Teeth whitening is not an option to improve the appearance of the teeth and treat discoloration, as there is little enamel present to whiten and the teeth are very sensitive. Using teeth whitening products may harm the affected tooth as there is no enamel to protect the tooth from the invasive and harmful chemicals.
  • There are however a number of more invasive / surgical dental treatment options available, depending on the type and severity of the condition.
  • Crowns
  • Implants
  • Veneers
  • Dentures

Other factors surrounding amelogenesis imperfecta

Not only is the confidence and social life of an individual suffering from amelogenesis imperfecta affected, but other aspects of oral hygiene are at risk too. Due to the nature of the condition, the gums and teeth are far more susceptible to other conditions that can cause them to deteriorate.

To try and counter these further negative effects caused by amelogenesis, very structured and strict maintenance is required.

How can instasmile help you?

As our instasmile product is a non-invasive, non-surgical clip on veneer, it is the perfect alternative for someone suffering from any form of enamel depletion.

  • Discoloration: With no vigorous teeth whitening options available, it may have seemed impossible to counter the discoloration caused by amelogenesis. But with instasmile, you can customize your veneer by selecting one of four shades. Making you one step closer to your dream smile. This shade can be changed up until the point that your custom veneer is manufactured, and doesn’t affect your natural teeth.
  • Gaps: As amelogenesis causes the teeth to wear away, the tooth may look small and weak. This causes significant gaps to appear from teeth to teeth. Your instasmile veneer will fill in the gaps, providing you with a fuller and more complete smile.

Existing procedures: If you are worrying about your existing surgeries and if they can work with instasmile, you have nothing to worry about. Unless you have a fixed brace or going through teeth straightening procedures, you will be suitable for instasmile. We work around your existing teeth including dental bonds, implants, crowns and fillings to create your dream smile.

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