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What are dental crowns?

There are several dental procedures around but one of the most widely available is the crown. Tooth crowns are used to:

  • Protect a weak tooth from further breakage, wear or decay.
  • Cover heavy discolouration
  • Cover a broken, cracked or chipped tooth
  • Make a cosmetic modification

How a tooth crown works

If you're thinking that a dental crown is going to be an easy procedure, you will be sorely mistaken. Often the dentist prepares the tooth over multiple dental procedures to ensure that the crown can be fitted smoothly and comfortably.

In order to fit a dental crown, whether it is on the back or front teeth, the original tooth must be filed down to accommodate the crown. Once this has been done, an impression will be taken of your original tooth to make sure that the crown fits perfectly over the top of the tooth.

It is important that the impression is taken accurately, otherwise the crown will not be fitted correctly and will ultimately create discomfort.

Before sending off your impression to a dental laboratory, you will get a choice of material that your permanent crown will be made from. This will also allow for the crown to match your natural tooth color if you would prefer. Most people opt for porcelain crowns as they replicate the natural tooth.

But don't get too excited as this won't be your final trip to the dentist! A temporary crown will be placed over your tooth between your first and second appointment when your real crown will be fitted.

The dental crown cost

Although the lucky few with a good dental insurance company may receive help to cover the cost of their dental crown and procedure, others may face a hefty dental crown cost. Some costs may vary depending on the material and/or where you have received your treatment.

For those trying to save money, for the more affordable crowns you can expect to pay between $600-$2,500. This is the guided price of single metal crowns such as gold crowns.

If you're looking for a crown that will match your natural teeth, you're going to need a porcelain crown which will blend in more with your surrounding teeth. However, this luxury can set you back to up to $3,000.

Ask your dentist as to what crown would be best for you.

You may find that you will also be charged for multiple check ups prior and post procedure. It is quite common that you will need to see the dentist after you have your crown fitted to ensure it fits correctly and there are no issues.

You may find that you will also be charged for multiple check ups prior and post procedure. It is quite common that you will need to see a dental professional after you have your crown fitted to ensure it fits correctly and that there are no issues.

Complications of metal and porcelain crowns

Sensitivity Once your procedure is completed, it is not uncommon for the crown tooth to become sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.

Breakage Some tooth crowns (more frequently with porcelain or ceramic crowns) can suffer from cracks and chips over time when eating harder foods. When the porcelain of the chipped crown breaks away, the metal underneath the crown will start to show. In most cases, the dentist will not repair this unless the metal structure is affected. Only when you are left with a completely broken crown will the dental professional replace your crown.

Loose Crowns Naturally over time, your crown may become loose and could potentially fall out. If you feel that your crown is loose, visit your dentist immediately to prevent further damage

Gum Disease As is the case with other dental procedures, if not properly looked after, the crown could cause gum disease and lead to further dental complications.

So why choose instasmile?

After seeing the cost of a tooth crown and the procedure itself, it's no wonder why more and more people are looking for an alternative and are choosing instasmile.

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The instasmile process

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