How you can quickly replace missing teeth

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Missing Teeth and Tooth Replacements

As life goes on it is not uncommon to lose a tooth or two which can knock the confidence of any individual. Unfortunately, tooth loss has negative connotations surrounding poor dental hygiene and this isn’t always the reality for each individual case of tooth loss. Tooth replacement may be acquired as a result of an accident, genetic condition, lifestyle or even a sporting injury -many people from all walks of life can suffer from tooth loss at any age and at any time.

Nowadays, with our smiles being at the forefront of our image, there are multiple tooth replacement options and missing tooth replacement cost that have surfaced in the cosmetic dental industry. This is a revelation for anyone who yearns a more complete smile.

Such options include:

  • Implants.
  • Fixed Bridges.
  • Removable Dentures.

Having these solutions available provides us with a variety of different options that can cater for more people in different ways. Although these different procedures are useful and provide us with options, they can often be financially straining as the tooth replacement cost can blow a hole in your bank account.

Types Artificial Teeth

Dental implants - Considered one of the more reliable forms of tooth replacement, dental implants are made to look like the natural teeth that surround it. Although the implant is built to last, the dental implant surgery that is needed to ensure that the artificial tooth is secure, is extremely grueling and painful.

The dental implant procedure will require a screw to be drilled into position via the jaw bone beneath the gap in the gum tissue. A metal peg will then protrude through the gum which will allow for the artificial tooth to sit amongst the other remaining teeth.

Implants are usually recommended when the patient is missing central incisors as they act a strong and resilient tooth replacement.

Fixed bridges - A slightly less common dental procedure utilized to cover missing teeth is the dental bridge. Resting over the gum, the bridge will require a slightly less invasive surgical procedure in comparison, however the surgery required is still extremely gruelling and painful.

The dental bridge will use the adjacent teeth that surround the gap and will cover these teeth in a dental crown. This crown will be permanently attached to the bridge which allows for the replacement tooth to use the existing teeth for support.

To ensure that the surrounding teeth are prepared for the crowns and the bridge, the teeth will be shaven down into a small stump that will allow for the tooth cap to fit comfortably into position.

Partial Dentures - Possibly the most common and certainly the least invasive amongst the traditional dental treatments, partial dentures (also known as fake dentures) provide a patient with a more affordable and less painful alternative.

Dentures may require some getting used to and can make your adjacent teeth hurt when it is initially used. A large down side to having a denture is that the material used to keep the denture in place can cover a large portion of the mouth's palette, affecting taste and comfort.

Dentures need to be extremely well kept and cleaned daily to ensure that you maintain good oral health and don’t risk any form of infection. Gum inflammation and gum disease are extremely common infections that users of dentures suffer when not keeping their denture clean and bacteria-free.

Clip-on Veneers - A new and revolutionary way of covering missing teeth has entered the world of cosmetic dentistry. Although not provided through a dentist, clip-on veneers require no dental surgery and no adjustments to the existing dental profile.

The clip-on veneer will simply cover a large portion of your dental arch, covering any dental anomalies such as missing teeth, discoloration and chips / cracks.

The benefits of instasmile

Instasmile clip-on veneers is an alternative that can provide you with both the financially achievable solution and the high quality tooth replacement that you are looking for. Here at instasmile, we will create a veneer that sits over your existing teeth and covers missing teeth and any gaps in your smile.

Q. I’m looking for a front teeth replacement, can instasmile fix this for me? A. Of course! instasmile can provide you with a quality front tooth replacement in the same way other front tooth replacement options can - but without breaking the bank! We aim to better the lives of our customers by lifting their confidence and get them smiling again through. instasmile is an ideal alternative which is:

  • More comfortable
  • Custom made and simply clips into place
  • No adhesives & doesn’t cover your palette
  • Multi-solution in one
  • Choice of shades
  • Natural aesthetics
  • No dentist visits

The instasmile process

Ordering your custom smile from the comfort of your own home couldn’t be easier.

  1. Click the ‘Get Started’ button at the bottom of this page
  2. Answer a few questions about your smile & we’ll check if you’re suitable
  3. Choose your shade & place your order - we offer 0% payment plans if you want to spread the cost
  4. We’ll send out an impression kit for you to use at home - make sure you watch our video guide.
  5. Send your impression back to us so we can create your custom tooth replacement alternative
  6. We will then: check, scan, design, manufacture and hand finish your product for beautifully naturally aesthetics
  7. Receive your custom veneers direct to your door and get really to smile with confidence again!

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