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Self-impression centre

The perfect instasmile starts with a great first impression


You have received your activation SMS


You have read the instructions carefully


You have watched the walkthrough video


You have placed your putty in the refrigerator for 1 hour

Step 1: Before you begin

You have received your activation SMS

Once we have shipped your impression kit out to you, you will receive an activation SMS from instasmile. It is important that you read the message as it provides essential information about the impression process.

Select which size tray fits you most comfortably

It’s important you choose the correct size tray for your impression. The tray should fit reasonably easily into your mouth. If it’s too wide, or if your teeth are hitting the side, you will need to select a different sized tray.

If none of the tray sizes fit into your mouth, you should stop and contact us immediately for advice.

Place all the putty into your refrigerator

The putty must have been in the refrigerator for 1 hour before attempting the impression process. This ensures that the timings shown in the instructions are accurate and must be adhered to.

The below points are vital pieces of information to follow to ensure you produce a suitable impression using our instruction guide.

Be seated & have a flat surface to work on.

Be comfortable. Have no distractions

Time restrictions will be shown in bold.

Tips are what our customers find helpful.

Please remove all mouth, tongue and lip piercings.

Do not move whilst taking your impression.

A Stopwatch or Timer

Steps in the instructions enforce a time restraint that must be followed.

A Stand Alone Mirror

This will help aligning the impression in your mouth.

A Flat Surface

This will help ensuring the impression doesn’t move when in the mouth.


Place your thumbs underneath either side of the tray handle and push straight up on to your teeth in one smooth movement. Practice this a few times without the putty in the tray to get used to the movement. After you've pushed the tray with the putty inside on to your teeth, without moving the tray gently rest your elbows on a flat surface to avoid any movement.


To prevent a lack of depth, we need to see more of your teeth and gumline - ensure that you line your mouth up with the tray as shown in the instructions and push the tray up (for top impression) or down (for bottom impression) on to your teeth until your teeth hit the bottom of the tray.


To avoid under-mixed putty, you need to ensure you mix the putty as vigorously and quickly as possible so the white streaks disappear completely, and it turns into one consistent colour.


Using the image below, practice aligning your teeth to rest within the middle of the green line. Avoid having your teeth too far forward towards the handle - you need to avoid the red area.

You’re now ready to take your impressions! Ensure you have read the instructions thoroughly and watched our walkthrough video below.
Now that you’ve taken your impression, let’s see how you have done!
What good looks like!
A. Visible Gumline

This is the area above where your teeth are. This is required on the impression to ensure that your instasmile does not come into contact with your gums as this can cause irritation.

B. Clear Margins

This is the outline of your teeth where your tooth hits your gums. These should always be a clear rounded shape at the top. Without clear margins, the technicians will not know the full shape of your teeth and your instasmile may not fully cover your teeth.

C. One Colour

The impression putty must be one solid colour with no white streaks. If white streaks are visible, the putty will not be fully set. This then allows the putty to shrink and we will not have a full representation of your teeth.

D. Good Depth

Good depth comes in the form of A & B being visible in your impression. Again, without good depth, the impression is not a true representation of your mouth and can cause fit issues with the instasmile.

Spotting failure reasons

This means that you are likely to have moved your teeth while taking the impression, causing your teeth to drag through the putty resulting in an unclear mould of your teeth.

Lack of Depth

This means that you have probably taken too long from the mixing stage to taking the impression and the putty has already started to set.

Teeth aligned incorrectly

This means that you have taken your impression with your teeth too close to the edges of the tray. You may need a different sized tray.

Undermixed Putty

This means that you have not mixed the putty well enough and there are still visible white streaks, meaning the putty will not set correctly.

Overmixed Putty

This means that you have mixed the putty for too long, excceding the 40 seconds we recommend, and this has caused cracks and tears in the impression.

Impression pulled away from tray

This means that the putty has been pulled away from the impression tray when removing from your mouth. Please ensure to keep hold of tray at the front of your mouth when removing your impression.

Once you have taken your impression(s) you need to send photos of them for our instasmile experts to assess the quality.

These images show the angles that our instasmile experts require to be able to fully assess your impression and provide an accurate answer. Please ensure that your images are taken in good natural light.

Please send your photos to [email protected] and include your order number in the subject field.