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Straighter Vs. Natural

Our instasmile veneers only straighten the first 6 teeth (3 on each side) for the best comfort and fit, and to not impact the bite. When customizing your instasmile, we provide you with two different design options. To provide a straighter looking smile or to match your natural dental profile. But what is the difference between them?

Straighter looking smile - The straighter looking smile design will correct differences in your current dental profile to give you the appearance of a natural straight smile. Our skilled technicians will design your smile by referencing your longest tooth (front 6 only), and your furthest tooth forward. Your instasmile may be a little thicker in areas where these differences are corrected. Please be aware that the straighter looking smile will not be perfectly straight and will have natural angles to make the product as realistic as possible.

Natural smile - The design will follow your natural profile, repair imperfections, and replace missing teeth up to the 5th on either side in most cases.