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Affordable perfect smile solution

The ‘perfect smile’. It has always been a focal point of the beauty, health and anti-ageing industry and it seems like that pearly white, straight smile is here to stay. But just how easy is it to achieve the perfect smile? With hundreds of home remedies, tooth whitening kits and straightening systems available, it is becoming ever more difficult to know how to get the best results.

Teeth Whitening

Some teeth whitening products can put your dental health at risk. Even through a dental professional, there is the risk that your gums will react negatively to the chemicals used in teeth whitening products. Some of the negative side effects cause damage to the enamel and can make teeth weak and sensitive. Obviously if your natural teeth are extremely sensitive, you’re advised not to whiten your teeth.


Fixed and non-fixed braces both include forcing the teeth into a new position over time, by either a tightened wire or a series of plastic see through veneers. As you can quite imagine, these methods can be pretty uncomfortable. Even more so when you need to eat! Not only can braces cause discomfort and pain, but they can be expensive with costs ranging from $2000- $8000. All braces will require regular visits with a dentist or certified orthodontist.

Tooth Replacement

Luckily there are several tooth replacement options at your disposal so you have the luxury of finding the right option for you. With products ranging from dentures and implants to bridges, a dentist will be able to give you the right treatment for your situation. If you think a tooth replacement with the dentist is cheap then you may want to skip to the next paragraph. Tooth replacements can cost an individual anywhere between $2000 - $25,000. That is enough to blow a hole in anybodies bank account.


A veneer is a multifix solution to several problems that an individual may have on their lower or upper set teeth. Made of a thin dental grade plastic, the veneer is a versatile option for anyone who wants to cover cracks, chips, missing teeth and discolouration. Not only can it help people with these issues, anybody who simply wants a brighter smile can do so by getting veneers. The veneer replicates the shape of the individuals natural teeth and sits over them to give a more polished appearance and hide imperfections. Veneers can cost $2,000 per tooth!

Perfect smile dental alternative

instasmile offer perfect smile veneers that clip-on to your existing teeth, for an affordable alternative to all the options described above, covering everything from cracks and chips to missing teeth and gaps. The high costs and commitment to some dental procedures can be too much for many which leads them looking for a better, affordable alternative.

The instasmile process

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  5. Send your impression back to us so we can create your Perfect smile
  6. We will then: check, scan, design, manufacture and hand finish your product for beautifully naturally aesthetics

Your smile will then be delivered to your front door, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home.

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