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Who can use instasmile?

Almost everyone can use instasmile. Thousands of people worldwide have found new confidence through their instasmile. It’s easy to use and fast – there are no lengthy procedures involved or trips to the dentist.

How can it help me?

Most people find that instasmile works for them, as it has been designed to help with a wide-range of issues, including:

  • crowded or crooked teeth
  • gaps
  • chips and broken teeth
  • missing teeth
  • discoloured or stained teeth

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Crowns, Bridges, Veneers and Implants

If you have crowns, caps, bridges, gum-level implants or veneers, as long as these (or your own teeth) are not loose, are fully secured & come right down to cover your whole tooth to meet your gumline, you will be suitable for an instasmile. We recommend sending natural images of your teeth to [email protected] if you are unsure. It is very important that you follow the self-impression kit instructions exactly, and do not leave the putty in your mouth longer than the stated time.

Severe gum disease or receding gums

Excessive gum disease or receding gums can impact your suitability for instasmile. We recommend that you send images of your natural teeth to [email protected] so one of our expert Smile Consultants can check and advise if you are suitable for instasmile or not.

Excessive plaque or extreme tooth decay

The same will apply to these conditions and we recommend you get in touch with images of your natural teeth so we can advise if you are suitable.

Fixed retainers or braces

Unfortunately, due to the self impression process and the way the instasmile attaches securely to your existing teeth, if you currently have a fixed retainer of any kind you will need to wait until this is removed to be suitable for instasmile.

Loose or Brittle Teeth

If you have loose or brittle teeth, you will not be suitable for an instasmile. Our product clips onto the teeth so your teeth must be secure in order to be suitable for this.

Heavily Ground Down Teeth

You will not be suitable for an instasmile if you have heavily ground down teeth (less than 5 mm in length) and no undercuts. The instasmile product needs a certain amount of teeth in order to be clipped into the mouth. If you have one or two ground down teeth and are unsure whether you will be suitable, please contact our friendly support team for advice.

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