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Five great things about using clip-on veneers

Let's face it, we would all be happier if we had straighter, whiter teeth. Turn on any reality TV programme, film or music video and you are almost certain to be blinded by a number of dazzling white smiles.

Sure, celebrities often have perfect teeth, but at what cost?

It’s likely that your favourite stars have had a little help to achieve those polished pearly whites, most likely in the form of veneers which will have been fitted using surgical procedures.

Surgery of this kind comes at a price, and it’s usually expensive and painful.

If you want to achieve a gorgeous smile without enduring the pain and cost implications, clip-on veneers are a great option.

If you’re still torn between which route to take in your quest for your dream set of teeth, read on to learn about the five things that make clip-on veneers a much better choice than surgical enhancements.

The process is convenient

While surgical procedures will require you to take time off work and arrange for things like childcare while you are in hospital, clip-on veneers eliminate these problems by delivering everything you need directly to your door. We’ll send you a self-impression kit with instructions to make an impression of your teeth, which you then post back to us. Once your custom-made product is complete, we’ll post it to you within a matter of weeks. Perfect teeth and you didn’t even have to leave the house.

You’ll save a lot of money

It’s always important to weigh up the cost factor when choosing between two things, and our clip-on veneers are a lot cheaper than any surgical procedures. Our average customer will spend between $280-350 for a full arch (10-12 teeth), whereas porcelain veneers can cost between $500-1000 per tooth! We think this one’s a complete no-brainer.

There’s several different options

Teeth come in all shapes and sizes and individuals will be affected by different problems. Whether your teeth are damaged, missing, discoloured or crooked clip on veneers can be tailor-made to address your personal insecurities regarding your teeth.

You can remove them as you please

When you undergo surgery to have veneers fitted, there is no turning back. The results are permanent and you will need to have them refitted, meaning more money will need to be spent. With clip-ons, you can take them off as and when you decide to. There’s no need to wear them every day, so you could just use them for special occasions.

They’re non-surgical

As it to be expected when undergoing any type of surgery, there is likely to be some pain involved. If you go down the surgery route, expect to have some injections in your gums and maybe even some drilling depending on the state of your teeth. With instasmile clip on veneers, there is absolutely no surgery involved and the patent-pending technology means they clip onto your teeth easily.